Lake Havasu City


I felt just about ready for the tri. I think this is my fifth triathlon since I started in July, but only my second at the Olympic distance.  My swimming technique has got better but I’m still a beginner, and the MTB crash after Oktoberfest where I dislocated my shoulder makes swimming pretty painful.

I arrived in LHC last night and got my rental bike sorted, then went for a quick swim in the pool, just 10 lengths to see how it felt. The ACJ still really hurt, so I was a bit worried about using it for half an hour in the olympic swim. Thankfully if I cry in the water, no-one will see.

This event is run by HITS which appears to have a strong national presence in the US, with the tagline ‘a distance for everyone’ and an operation where they run Sprint, Olympic, Half and Long all in one weekend.

One of the guys lining up on the start line here for the Sprint won the Iron distance the previous day, and apparently he is also tipped to win the sprint. Nutter.